SMDV mini-Sync

SMDV FlashWave-III

SMDV FlashWave-4 Digital Radio Transceiver/ Wireless Remote Flash/ Camera Trigger System

Product Features

  • Maximum range of 720 feet or 220 meters.

  • 80 selectable channels in 2.4GHz operating frequency.

  • 4 Groups

  • Max flash sync speed of 1/250s.

  • Transceiver functions as a flash trigger and a camera shutter release.

  • Powered by readily available AA (x2) batteries.

SMDV FlashWave-4 Transceiver is a combination wireless transmitter/receiver with 80 channels for elimination of interference, as well as 4 groups that can each handle multiple devices that can be triggered individually or simultaneously. Besides remote flash triggering, with the appropriate optional cable, FlashWave-4 can focus and trigger your camera in single, continuous, and bulb modes or be used as a wireless shutter release.

FlashWave-4 is used with at least 1 other unit. In its most basic mode, one transceiver slides onto the camera's hot shoe or is mounted to a bracket's cold shoe and is connected to the camera using the included 2.5mm to PC cable. A second transceiver acts as a receiver and accepts a shoe mount flash using its built-in hot shoe or is wired to the flash in the case of power packs or monolight. The connected flash will fire at distances up to 720'. You can even extend the range further by adding a third intermediate transceiver to extend the range to 1,440'.

A similar technique is used to fire your camera remotely by connecting a transceiver to it using an optional dedicated cable - a handy feature for macro photography. Add another handheld FlashWave-4 to trigger the camera remotely, like a wireless cable release. Pressing the release button halfway focuses the camera; fully depressing it triggers the shutter. Taking this a step further, you can fire the camera and a flash remotely with just 3 transceivers - one connected to the camera, one to the flash, and one handheld acting as a transmitter.

The long exposure mode brings you into the realm of the unit's additional features. With a wired transceiver or a wireless 2-tranceiver setup, depressing the bulb button activates a digital stopwatch on the LCD screen that indicates elapsed time. Stop the exposure by depressing the button fully.

Ideal for surveillance or wildlife photography using a remote camera, Continuous Focus Lock minimizes triggering lag time by locking the camera into focus mode, similar to depressing the camera's focus release button half way. With FlashWave-4, you'll never have to miss a shot because you had to wake a sleeping camera.

The grouping function allows you to assign each light in a portrait setup to one of the 4 groups allowing you to use all of the lights in unison or to add or subtract an accent, hairlight or backlight, for example, at will for different effects. Alternatively, you can assign a channel to 4 different lighting setups in a large studio and move from setup to setup for different looks or products. Each setup would require at least 1 transceiver wired to a master light to set off the optical slaves on the other units. With its reasonable cost you could, of course, wire a transceiver to each flash in the studio.

FlashWave-4 is powered by two readily available AA batteries. Also included are 2.5 mm to PC and 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm flash sync cables, a lanyard, pouch case, self-adhering accessory shoe, and a 3.5 mm to 1/4" phono adapter. FlashWave-4 is compatible with SMDV's FlashWave-III and mini-Sync, but limited to 16 channels.


  • Reliable Operating Radio Frequency of 2.4 GHz

  • Reduced interference and improved wireless signal quality.

  • 80 Channels

  • Operates without interference from other wireless devices.

  • 1/250s Flash Sync Speed

  • Perfect for compact and portable hot shoe mountable flashes

  • Built-in hot shoe

  • 1/4" tripod screw thread for easy mounting on a tripod or a light stand.

  • Operation Range

  • Operates at up to 720 feet (220 m), depending on conditions.

  • Compatible Cameras

  • This is non-TTL flash trigger. Thus, it works with all cameras and flashes and strobes.

  • Dual-Function as a remote Shutter Release

  • When the transceiver is connected to a camera (with appropriate optional cable), press the transmitter button halfway to activate auto focus; press fully to release the camera shutter.

  • Shutter Trigger Confirmation

  • The red on LED on the transmitter lights up each time the camera focuses and the shutter is released, providing visual confirmation that a photograph has been taken.

  • Long Battery Life

  • The unit conveniently uses two AA batteries.

  • Compatible with other SMDV flash triggers

  • Compatible with FlashWave-III and mini-Sync flash triggers.

  • Ready to be connected to studio monolights

  • Receiver holder for attaching the receiver to studio monolights is included.